What is Ringbow?

Ringbow is the world’s first gaming accessory designed to be used in conjunction with touch, to enhance the way we interact with our devices while playing touch-screen games.

Since touch screens are controlled with fingers, a finger-worn tool, specifically a ring, is the natural choice for complementing them. Operating Ringbow while using a touch device enables layers of functionality, countless new features and a much more efficient user experience.

The Ringbow gaming accessory offers a D-pad style button with 9 control-directions.

It communicates via Bluetooth, lasts 4-6 hours per charge and weighs less than 200g.

You wear it on your index finger and operate the button with your thumb while at the same time using touch. Ringbow provides powerful capabilities and layers of functionality that are simply not available in today’s technologies. It multiplies the functionality of everything you do, helping you get much more out of your touch screen games, apps and tools.

How does Ringbow work?

Ringbow uses a standard Bluetooth protocol, meaning it supports any and all Bluetooth enabled devices.  Turn your Ringbow on, pair it to your device and it simply works.

Thanks to the D-pad button design you enjoy a great sense of tactile control. When performing an action you feel when you pressed and where. Though this first model is ideal for gaming, it can do so much more to put functions at your fingertips.

You can use Ringbow for;

  • remote browsing while reading;
  • to correct misspelled emails;
  • to act as a remote control for your TV;
  • to answer phone calls while driving;
  • to transform your tablet into a gaming console for your kids;
  • and so much more…

Ringbow provides a set of intuitive controlling features that provides tactile feedback, enhances accessibility and dramatically improves reaction times,  greatly enhancing the user experience of touch devices.


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A New Way to Play

Ringbow devices are perfect gaming accessories for touch screens. They are always within thumb’s reach and never interrupt the touching experience. A Ringbow device can essentially be used with touch screens for two main methods of action:

At-distance Control

Operating a Ringbow is not limited to the sensing surface of a touch screen, so a user can use it to interact with virtual objects without touching. This may be similar to using a remote or a controller, yet the user’s fingers always remain free to touch.

a. Manipulating non-visible interface elements (i.e. elements not displayed on the touch screen). This optimizes screen space by  making certain functions accessible without having to display corresponding visuals. For example, a user can toggle between multiple HUD modes without having to display a toggle key or button.
b. Interacting with out-of-reach visuals (e.g. virtual keys and on-screen menus). A user can control certain elements and features of a game by operating the Ringbow, rather than reaching for visuals displayed on the touch screen. This provides the user with a more fluent gameplay and with faster reaction times. For example, a user need not reach for a reload key or button when the gun’s magazine is running low on bullets.
c. Ergonomic benefits. By not requiring a user to touch the touch screen for certain interactions, a touch screen device can be held more conveniently, or even not held at all. For example, a touch screen mobile phone can be held by only one hand even in games which might otherwise require two hands to play (e.g. dual thumb slider games).

Touch Flavor

Operating a Ringbow can be combined with touching a touch screen, in order to increase the interaction possibilities available to a user. The Ringbow device is optimally used when it is contextual to where a user touches the touch screen, providing a “flavor” to the touch. For example, a first action can be performed by touching an object displayed on the touch screen, whereas a second action can be performed by touching the object and simultaneously pressing on the Ringbow button (in both cases the action may be related to
the object).

a. Multiplying touch screen functionality – touching a touch screen can be associated not only with what is displayed at that location, but also with any of a variety of ways a Ringbow can be operated. For example, simply touching a touch screen at a certain location may be equivalent to left-clicking a mouse when a cursor is positioned at that certain location, but touching the touch screen while operating a Ringbow may be equivalent to other types of interaction, such as rightclicking, Ctrl-clicking and generally pressing key
shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-C) and designated keys (e.g. home button).
b. Simultaneous operations – a user can perform interactions without removing touch from the touch screen. For another example, a user can move a unit by touching it and sliding the finger across the touch surface, whereas the user can make that unit fire, shoot, throw bombs, cast spells, etc. by touching it and operating a Ringbow. Accordingly, the user can both move the unit and command its fire power at the same time.


Gameplay Types

So how does all this play out? We’ve gathered some game types to see what functionalities the Ringbow device can add to the mix.  Ringbow adds new features and value to games and opens up a whole new world of gaming innovations. Here are some examples of how Ringbow can improve gameplay in different types of games:

Casual Games

Ringbow is adding depth to games, revitalizing challenges, providing new skills and allowing new gameplay mechanics to keep game fresh for much longer.

Action Games

Ringbow increases the fun of action games, allowing simultaneous actions such as motion procedures and combos, interactive environment features and a great variety of weapons , abilities and enemies .

Strategy Games

Ringbow provides a fast and seamless  way to issue commands, clearing the screen from cluttering menus while granting an advantage in player’s performance and enjoyment.

Racing Games

With Ringbow racing becomes more varied and exciting. New mobile features and more intuitive control scheme allow performance score boosters and enhanced feeling of immersion and fun.


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Saar Shai and Efrat Barit are the entrepreneurs behind the company. We’ve founded Ringbow out of a combination of a good friendship, a great idea and a complementary working relationship. Saar is the Chief Innovator and Efrat is the CEO of the company. We combine the spirit of innovation, a creative approach and solid business experience, and love collaborating with world leading experts, to build the best products possible.




Our product designer is Andrew Hartman, the designer behind some of the most sought after and popular consumer electronic devices currently in the market. Andrew has years of experience in designing and bringing consumer electronic products to the market and we’re lucky to work with him.


Our team of developers are not only world-class technicians but also are lecturers and teachers at global mobile development courses and conferences. Our production line will be operated by a leading electronics manufacturing company with vast experience in providing great products.


Watch the blooper reel of Saar and Efrat making the Kickstarter intro video:

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We’d love to hear from you with questions about Ringbow, partnerships, distribution or any other feedback!



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Q: Why is Ringbow called Ringbow?

A: Because it’s a ring, and it adds many strings to your bow.  Also we liked that the name sounds like ‘rainbow’. Rainbows are lovely, aren’t they?


Q: How do I get my Ringbow?

A: You can pre-order an early edition of Ringbow here.


Q: Does Ringbow work on all operating systems?

A: Yep. Ringbow works on Android, iOS and Windows.


Q: I’m a developer and I want my game to support Ringbow. What do I do?

A: Please contact us directly for more information on the API.


Q: Can more than one person use Ringbow to play a game?

A: Yes indeed.  Ringbow transforms touch devices into multi-player platforms, where you can take it in turns to use 1 Ringbow, or use multiple Ringbows to play with friends.


Q: I’ve got massive/teeny tiny fingers.  Will Ringbow fit?

A: Absolutely.  Ringbow was designed to flexibly fit to every finger, whether big or small.  The unique materials used will comfortably form around all fingers.


Q: How does Ringbow connect to my device?

A: Pairing is easy.  When you switch Ringbow on, your device will detect it, and you can pair it.  Ringbow also comes with a software package to help you connect, adjust settings and save your preferences.


Q: Can I use Ringbow and other bluetooth devices at the same time?

A: Yes. You can use several bluetooth devices at the same time.  It all depends on the settings of your specific device.  Ringbow likes to share ;-)


Q: What is the distance Ringbow can control a device from?

A: As a standard bluetooth device, you can use Ringbow up to 30 feet from your device.


Q: How do I charge my Ringbow?

A: Charging couldn’t be easier. The Ringbow has a cleverly concealed micro USB port. So, simply use the micro USB cable that comes with Ringbow, and connect it to your laptop or the mains.


Q: How long does Ringbow last per charge

A: Ringbow lasts between 4-6 hours depending on how heavy your usage is.  It’s also possible to use Ringbow, whilst it’s charging.


Q: I am writing an article, and would like to try Ringbow out.  How can I get my hands on one?

A: Please contact us and we’ll help you out.

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